Narcotics Anonymous has played an integral role in assisting with the heroin crisis in New Hampshire. The Narcotics Anonymous program has been around and helping those struggling with addiction since 1953. The Narcotics Anonymous program made its way to New Hampshire in the early 1980s. The meetings that Narcotics Anonymous facilitates allow those struggling from addiction to connect with others who share their experience. These meetings allow people to feel less alone as they walk the road of recovery, and allow people to bond over strength and hope for the future.

The meetings facilitated by Narcotics Anonymous work off the principals of the 12 step system. The meetings are not necessarily religious, but they are spiritual in nature. The 12 steps were created as a tool to coach people in recovery about how to move forward with improving their lives.

Meetings are facilitated all over the state of New Hampshire. On average Narcotics Anonymous facilitates 42 meetings per week across the state. To find a meeting near you, you can use the simple search feature located on the side bar of the Narcotics Anonymous website.

In addition to hosting meetings throughout the day each week, Narcotics Anonymous also provides the residents of New Hampshire with a 24 hour help line. This 24 hour help line can be utilized by those who are in need of help but are not able to get to a meeting in person. If you are unable to call the help line, you can also talk to somebody on the internet through email.

Narcotics Anonymous also offers literature written by other people who have gone through the process. Reading about the experiences of those who have successfully utilized the Narcotics Anonymous program can be helpful. Reading about how other people have worked the steps can assist with staying motivated and with maintaining hope through the process. There is almost always literature in stock and it can be ordered by emailing the address listed at the narcotics anonymous website.

There is a literature committee held on the 3rd Sunday of March, June, September, and December at the VA Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire. Joining this committee allows those participating in the Narcotic Anonymous program to participate in the creation process of the literature that goes out.

The Great New Hampshire anti-heroin organization help to educate you about the process of attending an NA meeting.