Farnum Manchester Detox

Farnum center is a comprehensive treatment facility. This center offers both inpatient and outpatient care to those that are seeking recovery. Farnum treatment center offers classes, and additional therapies the further assist and aid in the recovery process.

Manchester Comprehensive Treatment Center

This treatment center offers a wide variety of treatment options for those seeking to recover from heroin addiction. Manchester Comprehensive Treatment center accepts most types of insurance. They offer psychological services to assist people with working through the emotional issues that arise with heroin addiction, as well as treatment for the physical issues that arise. This is an outpatient treatment facility.


Gatehouse treatment

This center offers intensive inpatient as well at outpatient services. Gatehouse treatment center offers personalized treatment plans that take the needs of the individual into account. They offer a wide variety of services. This treatment center accepts most insurance plans.

Looking glass recovery

This center offers a wide variety of recovery services. They offer intervention services, provide people with recovery housing options, and assist with transporting people to and from treatment. This recovery center takes a well-rounded approach


New England Recovery & Wellness Center

This treatment center privies the concord area with the tools and resources to combat heroin and opioid addiction. This center offers inpatient and out patient treatment. They offer groups therapy, life skills education, ad exposure to the 12 steps and other recovery modalities.


The Triangle Club

This facility rents out space for NA meetings and hosts heroin anonymous meetings. It is an integral part of the Dover recovery community.

Bonfire Recovery Services

This is Dover’s most comprehensive treatment facility. This center offers inpatient care and the programs last between four and twelve months depending on the individuals needs. This facility allows for family visits during the length of the stay. This treatment center has developed a program that is geared towards helping addicts develop healthier coping skills upon exiting treatment so that they are less likely to relapse in the future.


SOS Community Recovery Center

The SOS community recovery center is a treatment organization that works to reduce the stigma surrounding getting treatment for heroin addiction. This treatment facility is welcoming, and comprehensive. They offer a wide variety of treatment options. They are an out patient treatment facility. They offer recovery coaching, group meetings, telephone and online support, as well as holistic modalities like yoga and meditation.


Salem Recovery Services

Salem Recovery Services offers an intensive outpatient program with a supportive admission process. This intensive outpatient program meets for three hours per day, four days a week, for a little over a month. This is a great recovery center for those that are seeking to live at home while receiving their treatment. Participating in an outpatient program such as this one can help to get a better idea of the issues that have contributed to the addiction, so that you can determine if inpatient care may be needed.